Tour in the Jutland

Tour in the north of Denmark with a view of the North Sea and rest in characteristic structures.

Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark. It is located in the northern part of Jutland in a natural cove called Limfjorden. Full of streets with bars and shops, but also beautiful attractions that include museums
and panoramic views. Nibe is a Danish town merged into the municipality of Aalborg and is the second stage of the proposed route. A stop of at least a couple of hours is recommended before leaving for the
third stage. The town of Logstor is also located in North Jutland. Very interesting is to sleep in a Shelter, identifiable through the homonymous app that allows you to choose the structure that best fulfills your sought-after characteristics. Our choice was Aggrsund broen, Shelterplads. Lőkken is now an important holiday destination; in the past it was a fishing village that developed a successful maritime trade. The center is charming: a very long street of shops, restaurants and bars that offer foods from different cultures. In this city you can spend the second night, always in the Shelters. The one chosen by us was Nr. Lyngby Sõerne- Shelterplads.

Starting at $32

Skill level

Approx. time

12 Hours in 3 Days


160 km

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