Can I pick-up or deliver my bike outside the shop’s opening hours?

When you book online and pick a time outside the opening hours, our team will prepare the
bike outside the shop and you will receive instructions for pick-up. Returns can be always
made outside the opening hours and instructions will be provided to you upon booking.

Can I rent or return the bicycle at a different location from the shop?

That is possible as well. If you are staying at one of our partner’s locations, they will provide
you with their pick-up and delivery schedule. Otherwise you can request pick-up and/or
delivery service in the booking, then we will schedule with you individually. There is a fixed
price for locations in Aalborg, for locations outside please contact us for prices.

Do I need to make a booking or can I just drop by?

You can come without a booking, but your risk that there will be no suitable bikes available
for you and there might a queue. So, we recommend that you book a bike here and we will
have it ready when you arrive. And don’t worry if it does not fit perfectly, we can always
change it for another available one.

Can I ride the bicycle outside the city?

Certainly! We encourage you to discover the beauties of Nordjylland and even provide some
tips here. While all our citybikes will make a daytrip to the coast, it will be much more
comfortable with our touring bikes.

Do you offer discounts on long term rentals or group bookings.

Yes! We are happy to accommodate for group trips and if you book 4 or more bikes, you get a 10% discount. For stays over one month, please contact us for individual rate based on the length and purpose of your stay (student, internship, work, …).

What happens if the bicycle is stolen while I rent it?

When renting a bike, you are taking responsibility for it and therefore you will be liable for the damage, but can seek reimbursement from your (travel) liability insurance.
However, each bike comes with a frame lock and optionally a second chain lock to minimize the risk of theft. We will also recommend you the best parking practice based on your location.

What happens if the bicycle is damaged while I rent it?

In case of wear and tear damage (e.g. flat tires, broken chains), we’ve got you covered! All service is included with the rental, which means both adjustments to your needs and maintenance.
If you have an accident, there are two scenarios. If someone else crashed into the bike (e.g. a car), they are liable for the damage and will pay for the repair. If you damage the bike on your own, you are liable for the damage, but can seek reimbursement from your (travel) liability insurance.
If you lose a lock key, it will cost you 100 kr per lock to cover a new one and replacement.

How can I pay for the rent and deposit?

If you book online here, you can pay everything by card. If you pay in the shop, you can also use cash or MobilePay for rent, and card or cash for deposit (deposit can also be in foreign currency equivalent to 500 DKK, e.g. 67 EUR)

Where can I park my car during my visit?

If you are just visiting the city centre, you can either use paid parking houses nearby or find a spot for free in the nearby housing arear outside the centre.
For a couple-hour or a day visit, you can leave your car just in front of the shop free of charge.
Whether you are repacking to panniers or just don’t want to carry everything around, you are welcome to store you luggage safely in our staff room, free of charge.

What is your cancellation policy if I need to cancel my booking?

We won’t charge you for cancelling your booking, but we rely on your politeness to let us know or cancel as soon as possible so the bikes are available for others. If you book online and don’t show up, we will only refund 80% of your rent payment to compensate for prep of the bike and availability.

Do you offer guided tours or maps to help me explore the city?

You can find tips for trips and self-guided tour under the Experiences tab and you can try to get more tips from our staff. Guided tours are arranged by our partners at Aalborg Tours, where you can get a bonus with our code RideMustGoOn.